Make Crypto Green

What is the Crypto Climate Accord?

Surging demand for cryptocurrencies and accelerating adoption of blockchain-based solutions have highlighted an important issue: the technology's growing energy consumption and its impact on our climate. That’s why we’re working collaboratively with the crypto and blockchain industry to accelerate the development of digital #ProofOfGreen solutions and set a new standard for other industries to follow. Inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement, the CCA is a private sector-led initiative for the entire crypto community focused on decarbonizing the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in record time. Together, we will #MakeCryptoGreen.

Our Supporters

More than 250 companies and individuals spanning the crypto and finance, technology, NGO, and energy and climate sectors have joined the Crypto Climate Accord as Supporters. Our Supporters approve of the Accord’s objectives and are involved with helping advise, develop, and scale solutions in support of the CCA. Becoming a CCA Supporter does not verify that a Supporter organization has already decarbonized. Crypto Climate Accord Signatories are crypto market participants that make a public commitment to achieve net-zero emissions from electricity consumption associated with all of their respective crypto-related operations by 2030 and to report progress toward this net-zero emissions target using the best industry practices. All Signatories also serve in the role of being a Supporter.


Bringing Sustainability to Crypto

The cryptocurrency industry has an opportunity to act as an example for other sectors by showing the world what industry-wide decarbonization looks like


Powering Crypto with 100% Renewables

We can reduce emissions, bring new demand to the cleantech industry, and unlock more customers and capital for crypto.


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Join us in the effort to decarbonize the crypto industry—and the world’s energy system.
Crypto Climate Accord: Inspired by the Paris Climate Agreement, the Accord is a private sector-led initiative for the entire crypto community focused on decarbonizing the cryptocurrency industry in record time.
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